Monday, September 12, 2011

Team Member Spotlight: Stefan Gunawan

Today is another post in our Team Member Spotlight series. Here at Latitude 38 Group, we have many valuable team members and today we would like to introduce you to one of them. Stefan Gunawan.
       Hey, my name is Stefan Gunawan, and I’m from the beautiful country of Indonesia (Bali? Beach life? Nice tropical forests? Heavy traffic jams and floods in Jakarta?). Yes, you might hear bad stories in the international news about Indonesia all the time, but it’s still my beloved home country for me! I was born and raised there for about 14 years before I started travelling abroad, mainly for the purpose of studying.

            I spent a good couple of years starting from Singapore, and then I moved to the UK, before finally here in the U.S.’ East Coast. From all my international experience, I can safely say that for me San Francisco is the most refreshing, diverse and all-you-can-find city. What’s making it more exciting for me is the fact that I’m able to work in a highly collaborative and professional environment at Latitude 38 Group, while at the same time pursuing my MBA degree from the University of San Francisco.

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