Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Latitude 38 Group?
·         Market knowledge and expertise
·         Strong, existing, deliverable book of business of high profile, high yield assets in California and nationwide (valued at more than $3.5B
·         Capital can be deployed immediately
·         Boutique approach with ability to help capitalize acquisition with debt and equity
·         Discretion and client focus
·         Sourcing high quality deals and providing fully integrated services
·         Flexibility
·         Lower fees
·         Avoiding the inefficiencies in the capital markets

What return can I expect on my investment?
Depending on the quality, location and length of hold of the asset from an 8% to 25% leveraged IRR.

Who are our clients and what do we do for them?
·         Our client base is represented by REITS, developers, operators, family office, investment companies and high net worth individuals.
·         Our clients rely on Latituse38 expertise, confidentiality and network to secure the best source of financing for them and advise them on achieving their specific goals.
·         We qualify our clients in order to increase the likelihood at closing the transaction

Why can’t I see a full description of the properties?
One of our key guiding principles is being loyal to the owner/seller and maintaining discretion. Most of our high quality assets are off-market properties, which are not publicly available. We value personal relationships and are glad to present our full portfolio to interested investors. Please contact us and we will make sure that your specific goals and needs are taken into account.
What is the typical (investment) process?
·         Meeting the owner on site and getting to know the property/project
·         Establishing a strong relationship
·         Clarifying needs and goals
·         Commitment to go forward together
·         Preparing marketing materials to present to potential buyers/investors
·         Term sheet (for limited partners)
·         Identifying and qualifying potential buyers and investors
·         Closing the deal
I am an investor and want to expand to the US. How can Latitude 38 Group help me?
We eliminate your barriers to entry and provide you with an instant competitive advantage:
·         Providing a credible presence in the Financial District in San Francisco
·         Save time and costs
·         Avoid acquiring licenses and costs of investing in U.S.
·         Register a San Francisco Financial District address
·         Take advantage of our know-how, extensive network and exclusive book of business
·     Acquire assets, build portfolios, asset management and maintain a significant platform
We help to represent and position your company in San Francisco to build your platform not only with a credible presence and address in downtown San Francisco and develop local and nationwide relationships in the US.