Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother Teresa: Organizational Leader

This is an interesting article by Steve Watkins. He basically discusses looking at Mother Teresa and analyzing her efforts more from the stand point of a business leader than as a humanitarian.

While many people know Mother Teresa for efforts in helping the poor, many people forget that she built an organization from the ground up. She started out as a small outfit and transitioned into a global one, which employs more than  4,000 people. Here are some goals any business leader can benefit from.

Set boundaries- Mother Teresa drew an ethical l
 ine and stuck to it

Decide your focus- Mother Teresa's main aim was to serve the poorest of the poor. Decide what your  mission is and stick to it

Plan ahead- Set your values and follow them

Spread the word- Make sure everyone in your organization knows what's important and what principles go into each decision

Take the long view- Understand who you are and tie it to all that you do. Never lose sight of that.

Check out the original article here

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